Saturday, August 20, 2005


The subject for this post is, more or less, a continuation of the previous one -- that being the demolition of several of Lakewood's historic schools, NOW going on. One of the affected schools is Garfield School. What some people may not know is that this particular project involves some sort of "expansion" and, subsequently, an ENTIRE ADJACENT STREET was acquired for this purpose. The street is called Cohassett Place and it contains around a dozen houses, all built, I think, no later than 1915. The image accompanying this post is of one of those houses. The Board Of Education owns these houses, now, and their last occupants are gone and the houses are boarded up, awaiting their demise. The houses are not anything exceptional, architecturally, but what bothers me is that, apparently, it was decided that these historic houses were "expendable". Why are our historic houses ALWAYS "expendable"?? Even such a high number of houses to be lost does not seem to make a difference. These houses are old and, by today's prevailing 'modern' philosphies, that means they should be removed -- right? [By the way, the same fate awaits two more houses on another adjacent street, Hazelwood.]