Monday, March 19, 2018


Lest the readers of this blog think that all the affronts to historic preservation are occurring in Cuyahoga County alone, we must now be the bearer of bad news that is also occurring several counties to the south, in Tuscawaras County.  The name of the city is Dover.  The house that is soon to be lost forever is Dover's most superlative example of the Second Empire style.
It is going to be lost for little more than a handful of parking spaces for the adjacent high school. The house is NOT in deplorable condition.  It is not an "eyesore".  It just happens to be in the "wrong" location, and, apparently, and, as far as can be discerned by us, not a solitary soul in the Dover area has expressed any objection to this travesty.  To see the local newspaper's account of the "wonderful" news of more school parking, here is a link to it.


Blogger Katelyn Standiford said...

We are tearing down the high school as well. The community voted on it and passed it. The school district bought the properties needed to build a new facility, this property is one of them. No opposition. This house has been there forever and no one has wanted it. While I am an appreciative of architecture and old homes and wish that it could be saved or moved, the fact of the matter is that it’s in the way, it’s unwanted, and the school district owns it. So, bring on the new lot.

2:05 PM  
Blogger CraigB said...

Ms. Standiford -- Thank you for your comment. But, I must point out that you are merely stating "the obvious" -- that being, the current attitude of the general population toward history -- i.e., Anti-History. This would explain why, as you put it, "no one has wanted it". I'm afraid I can not sympathize with your attitude, though. Most of all, I find it somewhat unsettling that a local history librarian could be as callous about this as you are. If I was a director of a library with someone in that particular position with an attitude like that, I would re-assign that person immediately. That person should truly care about, and value, the subject.

4:22 PM  

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