Saturday, August 20, 2005


Another horrible travesty in the works right now is the planned destruction of AN ENTIRE BLOCK of historic Old River Road, between Main and Front Streets. The plan calls for the construction of some more [why do we need MORE??] high-end housing, and "access to the river". Once again, it is historic buildings that must be 'sacrificed'. Perhaps the most interesting building on this block is the Shepard Building, built in 1891 for J. J. Shepard, to be his office and warehouse for his fire-brick business. The building in the photo with this post is of this building. Other buildings on this block do actually include some fairly new ones, but there is mostly older ones, here. At least one appears to, perhaps, have been constructed in the 1850s. The Cuyahoga River is such a long river. Why does this project have to be located right here? Perhaps what is more important to ask is, why aren't these historic buildings being converted into the desired high-end housing -- like so many have, just up the hill from these, all throughout the Warehouse District? Will this "madness" never end??