Monday, May 15, 2006


As promised in the previous posting, I am continuing my comments about the proposed destruction of the Broadway Mills Building and the Central Viaduct fragments alongside it. Posted with this is another photo, this time a close-up, showing just two of the six expertly carved medallions on the Broadway Mills Building. Also, today, I'd like to ask a question that I don't think anyone's asked: Whose idea was it, anyway, to "improve" the Innerbelt? I know that I wasn't asked, and I never heard about anyone being asked. Do we really need to "improve" the Innerbelt, in the first place? Or, is this just another bureaucratic-invented project created to give expensive jobs to construction companies?? This project, to me, has the same foul 'smell' as the Euclid Corridor Project [what exactly is 'wrong' with public transit on Euclid Avenue, anyway?]. Is anyone aware of what freeway construction has done to Los Angeles? I think that it's the Innerbelt that should be demolished. What about replacing it with something similar to that 'boulevard' plan suggested for the West Shoreway? Bottom line: Cleveland has had far, far, far too much history destroyed in the name of 'Progress' (or 'Improvement'). Destroying our History is too large a price to pay. Period.


Blogger Gloria Ferris said...


The same people who brought us all of those lovely sound barriers along the interstate, and didn't ask those who drive the highways their opinion then either, are bringing us the Innerbelt "improvement" project--ODOT. Oh and they will tell you they asked us. That we have been along for the ride the entire time except they forget to tell us ANY of the pertinent details until it is "Too late" for changes.

8:21 AM  
Blogger p said...

It's time to get Cleveland moving into the future so we can bring jobs and companies back. No pain no gain

3:00 PM  
Blogger CraigB said...

Dear Mr. or Mrs. (or Ms., of course) "p" -- First of all, why the obvious anonymity? Are you "bashful"? Second of all, this or any other freeway is NOT going to better employment in Cleveland. Third of all, the only gain that is had from destroying our History is had by the developers and or construction crews. Period.

8:39 PM  

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