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Ironically, this next post has some 'similarities' to the previous one. At the very least, the 'villian' is, once again, a Roman Catholic church in the Northeast Ohio Diocese. St. Stanislaus, in Cleveland's "Slavic Village" neighborhood, has decided to demolish their architect-designed Convent, built in 1917. Why? They no longer use many convents, these days, as homes for the 'Sisters' and, so, they think this means it "can no longer can be used" -- which then leads to: "Therefore, it must be demolished." Why does this tunnel-vision type of thinking continue to persist all around us? Why do so many persons, and/or organizations, continue to think that just because they alone can not use a building, that that means it "can't be used"?? For God's sake, have none of these people ever heard of (or even attended) yard-sales, garage-sales, and the like? One man's "junk" is very often some other man's "treasure", as the old saying goes. This particular building isn't even in bad condition, according to a very reliable source. Reportedly, there is some effort at present to find a buyer or tenant that St. Stanislaus will accept. Or, negatively, perhaps they have stubbornly already made up their minds. We'll let you know....


Blogger BBC said...

Craig--I just came back from Pittsburgh, where the Priory of St. Mary's Church was renovated to become one of the city's best inns. I have thought that we need something similar in Cleveland and St. Stan's makes sense. I will call Ed Rybka and Tony Brancatelli. It's too bad our city is so slow and stupid about these things.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe there are some substantial asbestos issues with the building. With Cleveland Central Catholic HS right there, there is a certain need for more space, but I'm not sure it was usable under safety regulations.

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