Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Preservation Hall Of SHAME"

We think the time has come to make an official 'designation' to what we are calling the "Preservation Hall of SHAME". It goes to the one and only Lakewood [Ohio] Board Of Education. So far, in the past year, they have demolished several of their older school buildings, plus they have destroyed an entire block of older houses to expand an adjacent campus (see August 2005 posts). Their latest -- and to be certain not their last -- indignity involves their current plan to demolish the High School -- built in 1916 to the designs of an esteemed local architect named Charles Hopkinson, and, due apparently to plans for a larger campus overall, have acquired several adjacent (at the rear) turn-of-the-century residences that will be demolished. One of these houses is pictured with this post. The City of Lakewood is one of those places that has absolutely no legislation that pertains to historic preservation. Many Lakewood residents would like this, but the political-machine wants no potential interference to any potential new-construction. This is a classic case of the ostrich-with-its-head in the sand; for all its pretenses about 'progressive' thinking, it still believes the very regressive philosophy that older buildings have no real value. If this sort of thing continues, where are the students going to live???