Friday, May 29, 2009


The image with this post is a 1994 photo of a house in Cleveland, Ohio's famed "Ohio City" Historic District. As of this very day, its original 1897 front porch, has been removed and replaced with a psuedo-"Victorian" front porch, parts courtesy of Home Depot. This is nothing less than an outrage. This is nothing less than full-blown ignorance, and certainly full-blown arrogance. This type of work, according to Cleveland law, can not be done without going in front of a design-review-board, and without getting a permit. Neither was done. The owners have been here for a good number of years and must know 'the rules'. But, perhaps the biggest 'crime' is going to be, if previous similar examples dictate, the City will subject the owners to little more than the proverbial slap-on-the-wrist. There never seems to be any actual punishment for acts like this. Knowing this, why should any owners of historic buildings heed the law? If 'right' could prevail, the original columns and balustrades should be ordered replaced, or, if gone, rebuilt in a similar fashion. But, this is just a pipe-dream in this long-pathetic environment, isn't it? ------ NOTE: SINCE THIS WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED, THE OWNERS HAVE DESTROYED EVEN MORE OF THE HISTORIC EXTERIOR OF THIS HOUSE -- AND, AGAIN, WITHOUT BUILDING PERMITS AND/OR DESIGN REVIEW. THIS ALMOST SEEMS TO GO BEYOND ARROGANCE -- ARE THESE PEOPLE GOLFING-BUDDIES WITH THE MAYOR??