Monday, June 11, 2007


It has been called to my attention that it has been way, way, way too long since I last made a post. True. The blog is not my entire life. I do other things. My head is still in the same place. I haven't abandoned any and all efforts to help save historic structures worth saving. It has also been called to my attention that another post regarding the threatened Wirth House, Cleveland, Ohio, needs to be made. [Please see September 2006 for previous post.] I hereby submit to the requests of some of the blog's viewers. Wirth House is a house built in 1884 for Frederick Wirth, the final Postmaster of the Village Of Brooklyn, Ohio, before it was annexed to Cleveland, Ohio. The house is owned by a private art-school, who originally planned on restoring/renovating the house for its use. But, they immediately occupied another building on the site...and NEVER did any work on Wirth House. A few years ago, they announced that they wanted to DEMOLISH Wirth House. Why? Apparently, they hate History. Their slogan is "Where Art Lives", but we know that there must be a 'codicil' at the end that reads "And Where History Dies". Numerous citizens who live nearby have expressed their opposition to this. The art-school does not care. After all, they apparently HATE HISTORY -- hence, History must be Destroyed. And this is "Art"?????

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